DJI Mavic Pro with 2 EXTRA batteries – eBay $899

Flash Sale – DJI Mavic Pro with 2 EXTRA batteries

Lowest price ever when batteries are figured in!

Hubsan Micro Drone – one of the favorites for learning – $24.99

At this price you can buy two and use the other for a spare battery, props, motors, etc.

This is an updated model of the Hubsan which started it all back in 2013 – one of the first popular consumer drones. Back then it sold for $45-$80, so you are doing well at $25 today.

Various colors available. You can buy extra batteries, prop guards, etc. separately if desired.

Phantom 3 Std – $344 w 1 year warranty – eBay

These are refurb – BUT, from an authorized deal with full warranty – at less than $350 you can take great pics and vids!

DJI Spark – New Low at $399

DJI Spark in White at $399 (base)

Base Spark with R/C controller – $518

They also sell the Fly More Pky – although the discount is not as high.

One way to get in at the lowest price is to buy the $518 package plus an extra battery @$48

You’ll miss some of the Fly More extras (prop guards, multiple battery charger), but if you are a budget this is a good plan.