Yuneec Breeze with Controller – $149 at Walmart

By far the best price ever – almost 1/3 of the original price – for this selfie 4K drone. It will work with your mobile device only or with the included controller.

$149 (plus you should buy at least one extra battery) for a GPS drone!

Note – lots of them available in stock at local Wal-Marts…their site should clearly show where it is available in stock.

DJI Spark down to $369 w/ Free Ship – on Amazon

DJI Spark in certain colors – $369 – a little more ($378) in other colors.

This is about the lowest price ever for the basic drone. However, most Spark buyers are going to want the Remote (as opposed to using it just with an iphone)…..

You can buy the R/C separately

or, buy one of the many packages which might include an extra battery, prop guards, etc.

DJI Mavic Pro with 2 EXTRA batteries – eBay $899

Flash Sale – DJI Mavic Pro with 2 EXTRA batteries

Lowest price ever when batteries are figured in!

Hubsan Micro Drone – one of the favorites for learning – $24.99

At this price you can buy two and use the other for a spare battery, props, motors, etc.

This is an updated model of the Hubsan which started it all back in 2013 – one of the first popular consumer drones. Back then it sold for $45-$80, so you are doing well at $25 today.

Various colors available. You can buy extra batteries, prop guards, etc. separately if desired.