NEW- DJI Goggles for DJI FPV and Control – only $449

DJI Headset Goggles available for Order – specs, videos at:

When DJI announced the Mavic Pro, they also showed a pair of advanced FPV/VR Goggles. Unfortunately, these have not yet been available – until now! In the meantime it appears they have cut the price in 1/2 (based on original projections). The goggles are available to order for just $449.

DJI Goggles
DJI has promised us access to an early shipment – we hope to get them and test them later this week. Until then, if you are interested in getting in line to order, check out the DJI order page – all of the specs are there also.

Give the price and the features, these may be the first “mass market” goggles in the camera drone world. Sure, they won’t be used by most professional racers who have customer (read that speedy) setups which fit their uses – but for everyday control and an immersive flying experience, these should do the trick!

Stay tuned…….

We should be receiving and testing a pair in the next week!