Phantom 3 Std – $344 w 1 year warranty – eBay

These are refurb – BUT, from an authorized deal with full warranty – at less than $350 you can take great pics and vids!

DJI Spark – New Low at $399

DJI Spark in White at $399 (base)

Base Spark with R/C controller – $518

They also sell the Fly More Pky – although the discount is not as high.

One way to get in at the lowest price is to buy the $518 package plus an extra battery @$48

You’ll miss some of the Fly More extras (prop guards, multiple battery charger), but if you are a budget this is a good plan.

Mavic Pro at Banggood for $790

The Mavic Pro is $790 at Banggood with a coupon.

Worldwide shipping.

First, put the Mavic Pro (any version – but 790 is the unit only w/included battery) into your shopping cart. It will show up as $1129 or higher.

Go to your cart and in the coupon field enter: 11annvrc30

Total price will then be $790 (more if you get the flymore bigger pkg).

This is the lowest price we have ever seen on a new version of this model.

DJI Phantom 3 SE (Special Edition) 4K, Dual GOP $599

DJI has introduced a new (updated) model of the Phantom 3 which is far superior to the "Standard" model and only $100 more.

The new model is called the Phantom 3 SE ,sells for $599 and is at this link:

For that price you get a top notch 4K capable camera, the VPS (ground sensing) system and a new upgraded wireless connection which increases the drone range to as much as 4KM. Note – we suggesting cutting these maximums by 50% for your use in most normal situations….but, realistically, even 1 KM is fine for most of what drones are used for.

What it does NOT have is the "lightbridge" DJI system, which is an advanced wireless protocol…with longer and more reliable range (in many cases).

The Phantom SE (Special Edition) is a well kept secret – but it shouldn’t be.

DJI Summer sale Deals

DJI is having a summer event with "free stuff" included with many of their drone and gimbal (Osmo) packages. The discounts on most items are NOT steep, but there are a few items which seem decent. For example the Phantom 3 SE (Special Edition) is a $599 4K drone with many features…a budget model with a top notch camera that has less range than their upper-end line.

Another decent deal is the Osmo mobile which comes with an extra battery and a wall charger. The OM usually only comes with one battery and a slow USB charger.

Amazon Prime Day Drone and EVERYTHING deals…

Starting at 9PM this evening – the deals are likely to come and go, so it’s best to check in tonight and then again at various times tomorrow. I know a number of drones and cameras will be offering discounts.

Here is the basic Prime Day Page:

Here is the "Camera and Photo Section (where drones are" – I did notice two Yuneec Models (H and Breeze) listed.