About Drone Savings!

Best Buys and Deals on Drones & Quadcopters – will be constantly posted and updated here on this site.

As drone reviewers and bloggers, we spend many hours per week looking through the various online forums, twitter feeds and other informational resources. We often came across great deals on drones, but were unable to share them with those who were seeking these bargains.

Now, with Dronesavings.com, we will be constantly publishing a “feed” with what we feel are good – or the best – deals on Quadcopters and Drones.

Note – this is NOT an Editorial site so we don’t claim that all the models we link to are the best models available. However, we do use our deep knowledge (decades of R/C and consumer/marketing experience) in an attempt to make certain what we post are either “best for the money” or meet some similar criteria.

We currently have an email digest which will deliver the deals to all subscribers at the end of each day (about 7PM EST).

Unfortunately, many “lightning” and flash deals expire within a few minutes or hours. We will avoid posting these deals until we upgrade our notifications to include a text messaging and instant email setup.

We are also looking for some other priced-crazed consumers like ourselves…who spend hours cruising the internet for the best drone deals. We hope to eventually have a larger crew seeking out all of the best possible deals on drones, quadcopter and related accessories.

Dronesavings.com is a member of Amazon Affiliates and various other affiiate sites and may make a small commission on sales made from click-throughs from this site – however, the buyer never pays more and many of our links are not affiliates (we post the best deals we can find regardless of where they are).